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The following courses are offered and certified at Level 1 & Level 2

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People Movers

The Level 2 Award in Moving People Safely is a regulated and nationally recognised qualification designed for those who work, or intend to work, in a role that involves assisting and moving people. It is the perfect course for those working in a variety of health and social care environments such as care homes. Practical training and competency assessment of various manoeuvres used in the workplace.

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First Aid

First Aid is a nationally accredited qualification that will improve occupational health and safety, facilitate duty of care, reduce risks in the workplace and empower course graduates with the ability to respond to any emergency with confidence and skill.

GDPR Awareness

This GDPR awareness training course incorporates participative sessions with scenario-based material to help candidates build understanding, stimulate interest and gain commitment to changing their organisation’s culture.

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Fire Safety & Fire Marshal

A training course that provides delegates with an all-round knowledge of what to do in the event of a fire, a clear understanding of the responsibilities and duties of a fire marshal and practical hands on experience of tackling a controlled fire with a fireextinguisher.

Stress Awareness

This Stress Awareness course will help employees learn how to recognise and manage their own stress, encouraging employees to talk and take action.

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Infection Control

This course for care providers in care homes and home care will teach you about the spread of infection and what you can do to protect both yourself and the people you care for.


Food Hygiene

This Food Hygiene course has been designed to help anyone who handles, prepares or serves food to understand their legal responsibilities and know what constitutes best practice in regards to controlling food safety hazards, controlling temperatures, food storage and food preparation.

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Epilepsy Awareness

This aim of this course is to enable you to increase your awareness of the health condition, epilepsy. The course begins by exploring the meaning of the term epilepsy, including defining the term, the prevalence rates and the causes of epilepsy.


Diabetes Awareness

A course providing essential knowledge and skills for all diabetes healthcare professionals in primary care to enable effective and efficient management of people with diabetes.

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Medication Awareness

This course will enable employees with a good understanding of medication. Administration of Medicines to Adults in social care settings as defined by Skills for Care (2011).

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Safeguarding Adults at Risk

This course cover the basics of abuse, how to recognise situations where abuse might occur, the signs of abuse, the importance of taking action, and good practice guidelines. This course provides a thorough understanding on safeguarding adults to anyone working with adults at risk.

The following courses are offered and certified at Level 1 only

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Dementia Awareness

Dementia awareness training is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of dementia. It can be tailored for all sectors, from health and social care to local authorities and businesses. This training is also available as a public access course for individuals.

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Effective Communication

Effective communication in the workplace, explores the importance of communication as a skill in the workplace. You'll cover areas such as verbal and non-verbal communication, written communication and using your communication skills in challenging and diverse situations.

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End of Life Care

End of Life Care aims to enhance the training and education of the health and social care workforce so that well-informed high quality care can be delivered by confident and competent staff and volunteers to support people wherever they happen to be.

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Health & Safety

This Health and Safety Course gives you the tools and skills to enforce and ensure health and safety measures within a working environment.

COSHH Awareness

This COSHH training course is designed to give workers knowledge of the health risks surrounding work with hazardous substances, including how to undertake a COSHHassessment by identifying the risks and the control measures needed, and ensure that they understand how to work safely with hazardous substances.


Mental Capacity Act & DOLS

This Mental Capacity course will help providers and their staff to develop an understanding of the responsibilities and duties around the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA). This essential training is for workers involved in the care, treatment and support of adults who may lack capacity in making life decisions.

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Person Centred Care

The aim of the course is to enable staff to behave in a person-centred way, based on the person-centred approaches framework, which aims to distill best practice and to set out core, transferable behaviours, knowledge and skills.

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Personal & Pressure Care

This course covers the role and responsibility of personal care, and how to recognise, manage and prevent pressure sores.

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Equality & Diversity

This Equality and Diversity Training course covers the Equality Act 2010 and introduces the protected characteristics, discrimination and unfair treatment within a professional environment. The UK becomes more culturally diverse each year and as such, so do workplaces.

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Safeguarding Children

This course cover the basics of abuse, how to recognise situations where abuse might occur, the signs of abuse, the importance of taking action, and good practice guidelines. This course provides a thorough understanding on safeguarding children to anyone working with adults at risk.

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Understanding your Role

Understanding your Role, Personal Development & Duty of Care.

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Our Whistleblowing Training course helps employees to understand when and why they should report illegal activities in their workplace. The course also offers guidance in relation to whistleblowing policies and their purpose.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Training is suitable for any type of organisation including healthcare, social care, schools and public services. These courses will ensure employees with the knowledge and understanding of the associated symptoms, terms, causes and treatments related to mental health.

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Prevention of Falls

This Prevention Of Falls training course can be very beneficial for individuals looking to pursue a career in the health and social care sector. This qualification aims to provide your learners with a deeper understanding of falls and how to prevent them.

Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment Training is a key Health & Safety course that teaches you both what Risk Assessments are, as well as how and when to perform them. Understand the benefits of comprehensive risk assessments, and comply with basic legislation.

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Nutrition & Fluids

This course in Fluids and Nutrition concentrates on how the right amount of hydration and nutrition should be provided for patients within the health and social care sector.

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